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Thank you for visiting the attendance page and for reporting your students' absences in a timely manner. Daily attendance is an important part of student academic success, so please do all you can to encourage your student to come to school every day.

Our attendance clerk is Verna Ingram ( and can be contacted at 951-571-4260 extension 23015.

Attendance Rules

  1. Please arrive at school on time, mindfully prepared to learn.
  2. If you arrive during the Advisory period only (anytime from 8:30-8:40 a.m.), please go straight to this period so your teacher can mark you tardy. You do not need to stop by the Attendance Office for your period only. Should you have a note from your parent or a doctor for your tardiness or for an absence the day before, please be sure to stop by the Attendance Office and drop off the note.
  3. If you arrive to school after 8:45 a.m., be sure you come to the Attendance Office to sign in and receive a late pass for the first full period of the day before going to class.
  4. If you are inadvertently marked absent and you were actually present for class, please speak with your respective teacher to discuss the absence. Your teacher can go back one previous say to make any necessary corrections to your attendance.
  5. If you are early released, your parent will need to come into the administrative/reception office to sign you out. We will then call into the classroom to let your teacher know that you are going home early. There is no early releasing students from class until your parent actually arrives to the office.

Importance of Good Attendance