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Palm Middle School

Please Complete the LCFF Form!

Complete the form at
LCFF English
LCFF Spanish
Each year, the School Funding Form (previously known as the LCFF Form) must be completed.
We encourage you to apply for a variety of reasons. With a qualifying form, your student may
also qualify for discounted internet access, SAT, ACT, AP tests, and other college prep tests.
In the past, households that qualified for free or reduced meals also qualified for other
government benefits such as the EBT pandemic card. So, in the future if there is another EBT
pandemic card, you may be eligible for it if you have a meal application on file with us and
receive free or reduced lunch.
You can find the School Funding Form by visiting
Or you can check your weekly emails from the Superintendent for the link and information.
Please complete the application by October 1, 2022.