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Palm Middle School

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Associated Student Body (ASB)

Palm Middle Associated Student Body  
The Palm Middle Associated Student Body (ASB) provides student activities and a forum for student expression. We promote the common good for all students and student participation in school and community activities. We serve as training experience for student leaders and give students a share in the management of the school.
The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the decision making organization of the student body. We work with the faculty, the council advisor, and the principal to help improve school conditions. We have the power to allocate money out of student body funds, to make laws that are considered necessary to improve various aspects of the school, and to accept or veto motions or suggestions brought to the council.

ASB develops high values of personal conduct, acts as a clearinghouse for student activities, attempts to interest students in school affairs, and helps solve problems that may arise. Associated student bodies are formed for the sole benefit of the students.  All students must be enrolled in the school district of residence to be a member of the student body.  Any group of students may organize "with the approval and subject to the control and regulations of the governing board of the school district."  (Education Code 48930)

*Officers of ASB are your representatives and have direct access to the school administration.

2021-2022 8th Grade Executive Board                       2021-2022 7th Grade Executive Board