Calling all Humans the Robots have invaded Palm Middle School.

Meetings are being held in room #D106 after school on Wednesdays.

What Robotics Club IS:


Robotics is more involved that just “playing with toys”.   Participation in the Palm Robotics Club means that students are extending their learning into after school hours.  Robotics is a STEM curriculum that involves critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork while using math, science, and technology skills. By using LEGO EV3, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino kits, students are able to begin their exploration into engineering using a familiar and safe method for construction and programming.


Students will:

  • complete a series of lessons to learn EV3 programming for the robot tasks
  • develop an interest in and/or improve their knowledge of math and science
  • integrate technology (computer programming) while problem solving
  • extend their reading, writing and presentation skills
  • get a glimpse into future careers
  • use analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and teamwork skills
  • become further engaged and interested in their learning


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