Chess Club
Program Description
TheChess Club welcomes everyone to join the club for fun and friendshipwhile enjoying the great game of chess.  Whether you are new to chessand just learning, good at chess and looking for a worthy opponent,or in-between, you are welcome!
Program Goals
TheChess Club will promote higher order thinking skills and positivesocialization through the great game of chess in a fun and friendlyforum at school.
Numerous research studiesaffirm the many educational benefits that derive from studying thisclassical game.  Our club seeks to contribute significantly to theintellectual growth, self-esteem, sportsmanship, creativity, andsocial experience of our students.
Program Information
TheChess Club meets once every week on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. in roomB105.  Joining the Chess Club is free.  Members are asked to followthe club motto:
"Try Hard!  Play Fair!  Shake Hands!"
Send your questions, comments, and/or concerns to the 6th grade teacher and chess adviser, Mr. Palmer.