This class is designed for highly motivated students who wish to contribute to creating our school yearbook. The majority of the class will focus exclusively on the design and content of the yearbook. Students will develop skills in digital photography, Web-based design, and layout.

Upon completion of the course, students will:

1. Develop aesthetic sense so that they can recognize and create balanced layouts which incorporate the

elements of design and are pleasing to the reader.

2. Develop writing skills to meet professional publishing standards.

3. Develop critical thinking and analytical skills through the practice of responsible journalism.

4. Learn the use of the computer as a tool for writing and page design.

5. Learn the necessity of teamwork and of meeting deadlines.

6. Develop an awareness of the requirements for a career path in publishing.

7. Learn to recognize and create well-composed and high-quality photos that tell a story.

8. Learn to edit and produce high-quality images

9. Learn assertiveness, responsibility and communications skills in working with peers, staff and members

of the community.

10. Develop interviewing, listening and note-taking abilities

11. Demonstrate the techniques that effectively use the design elements and principles of art

12. Understand and apply advertising and money management skills and techniques